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Monday, November 21, 2011

The issues with Papercrafting

Let me just say.. Christmas is an excellent time to get into Papercrafting. Many people send Christmas cards, sometimes it is the only time said people catch up with other people. I got into papercrafting right around Christmas a number of years ago. I started off with a couple of all around great stamp sets and a couple packs of paper from SU. I mean really, once you have one stamp set that has a holiday stamp, a happy birthday stamp, a thank you and a congratulations.. what more do you really need? You can make any type of card with those... Yeah right! I, and I think some others, have a compulsive need to add to my stash. I remember that we used to have stamping days at my SU consultant's house. I started out bringing a clear tote that contained all my supplies.. then it grew to two... now it's to the point that there is no way I could ever take all my supplies somewhere.. so what do I take, what am I going to need? Perhaps I should trim down some so that I don't need to make these difficult decisions........ NOT! I have, and I will admit this, enough Christmas/Winter stamps to make individual cards for people I know for YEARS to come. Why is it then, that I eagerly await each new year's Christmas/Holiday line... what is it that FORCES me to spend money on more Christmas sets? Why is it that I decide in August what I think my cards should look like.. until I see something else and that would look so cool? The reason I bring all this up, is that I had a coupon for Michael's where from 4-9 pm yesterday I could get 25% off my entire purchase. Hmmm.. I am in a secret santa exchange (I have everything for that)... I am hostessing the winter VSN (already have everything for that)... but, but... So I went. My secret santa recipient now has a little more bling... Did I need anything I bought? No! Do I want it ALL? YES! It's an addiction and I think it should be treated as such. Oh and by the way.. just because you might need this someday in the future AND because it's free (So who cares if you'll need it at all, it's free, you can't pass that up): Free "Santa's Magical Sleigh" card making template from Card Carousel To claim your free card making template, please do at least one of the following things: TWITTER USERS: Follow us and retweet this tweet; or FACEBOOK USERS: "Like" our Facebook pageand Share this post; or BLOG & FORUM USERS: Write about us on a blog or forum. Include the following text: Get a free "Santa's Magical Sleigh" card making template from Card Carousel. Just visit

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