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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So, I've been tagged and I understand that I now need to reveal 7 random facts about myself... hmmmm....

1.) I met my husband online
2.) I am huge college sports fan!
3.) I speak two languages and majored in a third in college (lot of good that did me)
4.) I'm trying to sell my condo
5.) I've been to Gibraltar, England, Switzerland, and Spain
6.) My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks
7.) My favorite artist is Monet

Now, I get to tag some people. This is going to take a little research... but I will start with:

Shannah - -- My new friend Down Under!
Jen - -- A Canadian! We're going international!
Jen - -- Awesome designs!
Dana - --Adorable Riley cards!!
Heidi - -- I don't know her, but her creations are Amazing... definitely worth a peek or two or three...
Hobbydiva - -- a Brand new blog to check out and follow!
Stephanie- -- another blog full of wonderful projects and great ideas!

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Kim said...

I love Nicholas Sparks too! :) Kim stampinscrapnewbie