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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Festival

Have I ever mentioned that I have the word "SUCKER" tattoed across my forehead?? Well, I do. I decided to go to the parent organization meeting at DD's school. One of the largest functions that they do is the Fall Festival. There is a different craft or activity in each classroom. I opened my big mouth and suggested that it would be nice if one of the rooms had a 6*6 scrap page so the parents would have a take home from the event. THEN, I said I would coordinate it. Mind you, the LAST thing I asked was how many I should prep... 200!!!!!!!! Well too late to back out now. So I went surfing on SCS and found an adorable, simple, 6*6 scrapbook page.

I CASE'D it here. I think it will work well, without too much trouble. Since kids are putting this together I even left off the ribbon with staples :-) Whaddya think?? I made one with a halloween theme and one with a Fall theme, in case there are people who don't "celebrate" halloween.


Pam's Pride said...

Great pages Alison!! Very nice yet simple enough for 200 people (you crazy girl!!)

Pam's Pride said...

And INK says " I was gonna say that they are super cute and I think they will be a big hit!" :)

Sandy said...

These are really cute Allison!! I'm not sure how tight the deadline is, but if you're looking for donations of paper let me know. I don't have either color on hand, but I'd be willing to order a pack and cut them into 6x6 squares and mail them to you. Just let me know.

Sandy said...

Oh and when my DD was in 1st grade, I went to a meeting for her to join a Brownie troop ... guess who got suckered in to being the troop leader?? And I was pretty much the other mother that worked outside the home ... live and learn.